Funniest GIFs of the year

Behind every human is a funny bone that excites itself in the most unexpected and unassuming ways. There are those experiences that people think were just normal but turned out to be ridiculously hilarious ones. There are those intentional funny moments, and there are those caught by surprises or unpredictable scenarios that turned out to be funny. There are also those supposedly embarrassing moments, but individuals interpret them to be extremely amusing as to just laugh about it. In this way, it will not be hard to get over them and move forward.

Whatever the reasons it may be behind all these funny moments, the main point is they are all hysterically funny, and meant to make you entertain without prejudice but absolutely just pure fun. With this, below is a list of the funniest gifs of the year. Undoubtedly, the human brain’s brilliance is impeccable that it can work its way to unimaginably amusing entertainment and fun.

Keep Your Hands Off!!!

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This embarrassing scene in the church surely made it to the list of the funniest gifs of the year. Who would have thought that a holy wedding ceremony can be outrageously funny? Evidently, the groom seems to be extremely excited to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves that while the priest is preaching, he can’t get off his hands from his bride’s bottom. However, mom as an old-fashion and conservative as she can be couldn’t take what she is seeing. So, she ended up slapping the groom’s hand to keep his hands off from the bride. Now, that is completely naughtily funny.

Oh no! I’m not drunk.

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That moment when you try to play it cool and sassy, telling everyone that you are fabulously fine and gorgeous, and you are up for another bottle, but the vodka wants to play cooler. Now, that is ridiculously hilarious and funny. Ladies, keep it calm and sober.

Fire in the hole!

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When you are too scared of the oil splatters, but you badly need to cook. You can hide all you want. It’s absolutely a laugh out loud that other people could surely relate to. Just a piece of advice, lower the fire and cover the pan that will help you go through this trouble.

Kung Fu Not Panda!

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This young lad is trying to internalize the Kung Fu Panda kicks and acrobatic skills and proved it right, but that surely hurt and good luck to mom. She won’t be happy with a broken ceiling fan. By the way, you can go out in the yard and do that, actually.

I can do this! Oops

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That moment when you try so hard that you are giving all your best, and strongly believe that you can win, but forget to do it right. The food for thought you can bring with this, no matter how hard you try and give your all, if you are not ready and prepared, you will never get it right. So, before you give your all and take the game, learn to know the trade.

Ripping My Abs

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He was a little bit irritated. So, he wants to show to his friends that he is brave and strong, by pulling out his shirt to flaunt his abs. He is so cute and funny. Isn’t he? Undeniably, a child is amusing to see. That is okay young man. When you grow up, you can go to the gym and get those 6-pack abs. So, for now, kindly put down your shirt.

That’s mine!

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Don’t take anything from a determined woman. It’s a great lesson this man has learned badly. So, do not take what is not yours, especially from a fierce woman. Oh, yeah! She is definitely getting that chair.

No, I’m Not Sharing.

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When you are tremendously hungry, and you don’t want to share your cup of noodles, you end up hiding in the closet. Though, based on this gif, it is not the best option. It’s a bit awkward, and you look shamefully awkward. Besides, a cup of noodles doesn’t cost that much, and sharing can gain you more valuable friends. So, don’t hesitate and share instead of hiding in a closet.

I’m Catching It!!!

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That moment when you are extremely excited to catch the ball, but you end up not catching it. Though, the joy and the enthusiasm in her face is the cutest. How nice would it be if everyone would be like her? You may not get what you want, but you are still happy and grateful to have the chance.

I’m okay

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Falling down in front of everyone in the middle of a wedding ceremony is something groom’s men would not love to experience. Though, good job for this man because he seemed dignified about his fall. Nonetheless, that is still awkwardly hysterical.

You can’t beat me, dad!

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Playing with your sons should involve a thorough examination and strict discretion. There are things that adults should never play such as the seesaw. Definitely, the dad didn’t see nor saw what was coming to him. This is completely hilarious.

These are just some of the funniest gifs you can see online that people brilliantly created. You can never beat the human mind and the humor that is hidden within everyone.

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* A fantasy show filled with surprises; dancing and more can be enjoyed at a fabulous fantasy show. Couples are fully entertained during the entire show. There are many acts to take in during the show. The added surprises keep every couple captivated and engaged.

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* Enjoy a strip club with your partner; a strip club may include celebrities, sushi and even a neon party. Couples can enjoy a comfortable lounge and tantalizing drinks together too. Enjoying a strip club with your partner is an experience you will never forget.

* A topless pool; romance will definitely be in full bloom as you both enjoy a splash of the crisp and refreshing waters at a topless pool. The model employees are ready to ensure you and yours have a grand time in the sun. Lounging around with cool refreshments will be devoured by you and yours right here in Las Vegas.

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Seven of the Naughtiest Things to Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as Sin City and is considered the ideal place to “get naughty.” After all, there is no shortage of opportunities there when it comes to having fun to the point where things get raunchy.

So what are the seven naughtiest things one can do in Las Vegas in order to for your “naughty” side to emerge? There are a plenty of choices, so here are a few of the more common ones – and the more extreme ones.

1) Strip club hopping
Las Vegas doesn’t lack for the strip clubs. Some are high-end and then there are those more commonly found in other cities around the country. Regardless, there are plenty of choose from. The best part is many of them are concentrated in an area just off Interstate 15 and only a few blocks away from the casino resorts found on South Las Vegas Boulevard, commonly known as The Strip.

Many are concentrated with a few blocks of each other, so it is relatively easy to take in a few on one given night filled with lap dances and topless showcases. Arguably the best to begin with is Crazy Horse III due to their neon parties, hot girls, and a chance to catch a celebrity there. However, more high-end ones such as Spearmint Rhino, Treasures (with also has a buffet), and Sapphire (partially by a pool). Also, there is Olympic Gardens which has an all-male revue upstairs and an all-ladies show downstairs which might be perfect for visiting couples.

2) The Nightclub Tour
For just plain fun, take in the various nightclubs. This is the area where Sin City is truly known for. Each casino has its own standout night club or two. Then, there are a few more besides that. So you can easily take them in, especially by using unique services as the Las Vegas Club Crawl. This service allow you to visit three night clubs on one night.

Whether it is the exotic Tao night club in the Venetian which has private sky boxes and dancers on hanging down from the ceiling, the DJ-fueled Hakassan at MGM Grand which spans five floors and 60,000 square feet, the Cosmopolitan’s Marquee and its 40-foot video screen and three large rooms, the red-colored and stylish Wynn social at the Wynn and its indoor waterfall, or the new and brilliant Omnia at Caesar’s Palace, there is plenty to choose from. You may need to do the crawl multiple times.

3) Find the right room in town
The saying of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is partially because the resorts cater to delicious dalliances and intimate evenings for singles and couples alike. Those who are looking for romance may want to find the perfect erotic room to experience such love and lust.

Just off the Strip is the Palms Casino Resort off Flamingo Road on the west side of the I-15. The Palms is known for themed rooms such as “The Erotic Suite.” One can easily get a room with kinky accessories or a stripper’s pole or even a rotating bed under a ceiling mirror.

4) Hitting the (topless) pool
Las Vegas is in a desert, so the temperature cranks up during the summer months. So that would be a good time to head to one of the numerous resort pool clubs along The Strip, especially the ones where clothing above the navel sometimes is optional.

Enjoying a pool party where there are many topless party-goers can make for quite a site, especially with DJ music blaring in the background. Some places like the Naked Pool at the Artisan features VIP cabanas and daybeds. Other highly-rated pool parties can be found at Bare Pool at the Mirage, DayDream Pool Club at The M Resort, the Sapphire Pool which actually is owned by the Sapphire strip club, and Tao Bach at The Venetian.

5) Learn to shed clothing, Vegas-style
For some, there is even an opportunity to learn how to work a pole or to strip. Planet Hollywood has a Strippers 101 studio. There, they can teach a woman how to lap dance or use the stripper’s pole for an exotic dance. It is an unusual activity, but the classes are always well attended. There are other options such as the X Burlesque University at the Flamingo Hotel.

6) Swing into a “social” club
If a couple really wants to get into the swing of things, then a swinger’s club such as the Green Door on East Sahara Avenue may be ideal. Enjoy and experience the action or just watch. There is a couples only area for those who want to avoid the single person wandering about. There are also specialty rooms such as The Dungeon, The Fountain Room, and the Sexagon.

However, if you are looking for multiple willing partners in this social activity, a price of $70 per couple isn’t asking for a lot to experience such an evening.

7) Travel to the ranch (and its girls)
For all of its nickname, Las Vegas does have some restrictions. For instance, prostitution is officially illegal within city and Clark County limits. All that means to in taking a car drive an hour west to the town of Pahrump and visit Sheri’s Ranch, the nearest legal brothel to the city. It is perfectly legal to go in there and meet the ladies on the ranch to experience sexual joy and fulfillment legally.


5 Top Motivational youtube videos of all time

When looking into the most inspirational youtube videos of all time can be quite a personal experience. The definition alone could vary depending on the person, but here are the most inspirational youtube videos that everyone can agree on due to the sheer magnitude of the meanings of each one of these inspiring videos.

1. GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten – Life can be pretty harsh at times, but you should know that there are always others out there willing to help you along with whatever may come your way. This video shows a kitten who was caught in a fire. In the video, a fireman comes to the rescue of the poor kitten and resuscitates it using an oxygen mask all while the fireman is wearing a GoPro on his head. It’s pretty awe-inspiring, to say the least.

2. The Amazing Transformation of a Guy Who Didn’t Give Up! – This video is a 47-year-old veteran who was told he would never walk unassisted ever again. Due to his being a paratrooper, it took a toll on his back and knees. He gained a lot of weight due to depression and the worries of never being able to do the things that he used to be able to do. Every person he went to said that they could not help him except for one person. That one person was Diamond Dallas Page. Page helped this man with the help of DDP yoga. DDP yoga has helped transform this person and it is amazing the results you will see because of Diamond Dallas Pages help. This man could not accept the diagnosis he was given and again with the helping hand of another person, he was given a second chance.

3. Never Give up: Inspirational video – This video shows a lion going after a pack of zebras. The zebras run from the lion, but the lion is able to catch one of his prey. Or so he thought. The zebra fights the lion with every ounce of his energy and is able to force the lion to let him go. With force and cunning, the zebra is able to get away from the lion which is truly a remarkable feat considering that the lion is the king of the jungle.

4. Failure: One of the BEST Motivational Videos I’ve ever seen! – This video is about multiple famous people that have been rejected from various things throughout their lives. The thing about this video is that it shows that for these people, their rejections became motivation for them all to strive to do and be better and become the people you know today. Without these failures, they may not have been motivated to become these historic figures in time.

5. Protect Your Dream (with subtitles) – This video is a clip from a film called The Pursuit of Happyness. The clip itself is telling you to never let go of your dreams, always protect whatever dream it is that you inspire to be or do in life.

There is an inspiration in all of these videos and they all have various differences and commonalities in all of them. They show that life can sometimes be difficult and come with hardships. In the difficulties that these people, as well as the animals, faces in the videos, with perseverance and help from others they were able to get through them. The cat in the first video that was thought to be left for dead survived with the help of a caring fireman who wasn’t going to let that happen.
The paratrooper in the second video was believed to never be able to walk again without assistance, but with the help of Diamond Dallas Page and his DDP Yoga, he was able to be transformed. He was able to transform his life and walk again on his own.
The zebra in the third video that was chased down by the lion for food was also thought to be dead, but with sheer force and perseverance, he was able to get away from the lion and rejoin his pack.
And in the clip from the film The Pursuit of Happyness, a man down on his luck was inspired by his child playing basketball with him to protect his dreams and to find a better job for himself to better his own life as well as his son’s life.
None of these people in the videos are any different from any of you that may be reading this. Without the hardships shown throughout all of the videos, there wouldn’t be any inspiration. As it is also in your life.
You may have seen some of the videos before, but they are worth watching again if you are wanting to be amazed by the tenacity and the will of humans and in nature. Each one of these videos is uniquely awe-inspiring made from different people from all walks of life. Give any of these a shot if you are looking to be inspired in yourself or are just looking for enjoyment through the inspiration of others.